Sadly, Sasuke didn't return these feelings and simply used her as a pawn in his hunt for power. Karin was introduced to the fans as one of Orochimaru's subordinates who later went on to join Sasuke Uchiha on his endeavors. 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Sai and Ino perfectly compliment each other and cover one another's weak points, making them one of the best couples in the series. When he first encountered Boruto and the other Leaf ninjas, Kawaki displays a defensive and menacing personality. Furthermore, to ensure she kept the portrait, she feigned even more mental instability and caused less ruckus with the portrait, causing to guards to allow her to keep it. Karin has been praised for her abilities by both Obito and Orochimaru, the latter deciding to take her with him for as for that reason. Team ShigeriTeam Taka. He also killed her during his Uchiha massacre even though he gave her the most merciful death of the entire clan due to their relationship. He's an avid reader, fighting game fan, and as you can see here a writer as well! She is analytical, capable of quickly deducing the basics of a complex technique such as Izanagi. Team These two were destined for each other from the start with Hinata being one of the only girls to openly have feelings for Naruto even when he was young and at his worst. The Rin and Kakashi couple would have resembled Sasuke and Sakura quite a bit. In the anime, she has a flashback of when Orochimaru sends her to assist Sasuke in capturing a horde of escaped prisoners. As a young child, Kawaki suffered domestic abuse by his father and as a result was stripped of his own childhood and became colder. In the anime, Karin and her mother were allowed to take refuge in Kusagakure, on the condition that her mother healed the village's wounded under watch by Zōsui. Karin later resumed her work for Orochimaru at one of his hideouts. Stemming from her Uzumaki chakra, Karin is able to materialise an incomplete version of the Adamantine Sealing Chains in combat. For a good reason mind you. As a child, Karin had short hair that reached her chin and wore a dark purple short sleeved shirt that had a brown collar, light brown pants, and brown sandals. Naruto is far too energetic and action-oriented, and Sakura is honestly a little too smart for him. Eleven years later, upon learning that Suigetsu used a umbilical cord he thought belonged to Karin for a DNA test to help Sarada uncover the identity of her biological mother, Karin was furious. When he met Jigen, he was also fearful of him and did not want anything to do with Kara. Sasuke simply used Karin’s expertise to help him on missions. Unfortunately, Rin had a crush on the quiet and cool Kakashi Hatake. Sasuke states that her sensory abilities are unlike any other. De'Angelo Epps is a writer that has been a huge fan of various comics, movies, anime, manga, and video games all his life. This honestly makes it as if Sakura simply went back to him due to having no other choices instead of it being a true love's romance. As such, no records of her birth are available at the Konoha Hospital. She has proven to be very nimble and evasive from the countless attacks from Tobi's giant wooden statue. However, while there are good couples, others are not so good. Using this ability, Karin can detect the presence of others, easily discern how many and if a specific individual, even its species, is present from great distance, letting her easily track the target. For example, it was revealed that she had kept one of Sasuke's sweat-drenched shirts. Obito Uchiha was also quite like Naruto Uzumaki in his youth. BoruSara (Japanese ボルサラ BoruSara) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha.BoruSara is the most popular couple of the Next Generation. Choji Akimichi and Karui, from the Cloud Village, … 10 Hurt: Karin And Sasuke. Nagato (aka Pain), Konan, and Yahiko were a trio of young shinobi from the Village Hidden in the Rain that was taken under the wing of Jiraiya and caught up in a deadly conflict involving a megalomaniac called Hanzo the Salamander. This made the couple seem like an afterthought and even earned a spot as one of the least popular romances in the series. At first, the relationship between Sai and Ino seemed to be one of those that made no sense. Although she usually takes a supporting role for her allies as the team tracker and unorthodox healer, Karin seems to have some competence in taijutsu, as shown when she tried to attack Danzō to save Sasuke, and also when losing her temper from Suigetsu's taunting. Alive Karin later demonstrated these skills most predominantly during the Fourth Shinobi World War, where she destroyed much of Tobi's giant wooden statue. Karin 2 Boruto Uzumaki. Karin (香燐, Karin) is a subordinate of Orochimaru, and a former kunoichi of Kusagakure. With her extensive knowledge at her disposal, she can come up with brilliant strategies that contribute to her missions. I have discovered news that you all have been so eagerly been waiting to hear! During each and every scene that this couple shares throughout the anime, it feels as if viewers are shown nothing but the best pieces of their romance. 1: Naruto Next Generations $ 9.99; Sasuke Uchiha Action Figure Model - 15.5cm $ 13.13 Karin has a fluctuating personality; she will appear tough and in control at times, to the point of being violent and critical, and at other times will appear highly flirtatious. Karin is also proficient in the use of Earth, Water, Yin and Yang Release. You might argue that Sarada wouldve been too OP with Uzumaki blood, but Boruto never inherited his fathers ridiculous chakra pool. The two may not have had too much interaction at first sight but with closer inspection and a look at the supplemental material, this pairing starts to gain a lot more momentum. Despite being mostly a non-combatant, Orochimaru referred to Karin as one of his good experiments, and had enough faith in her skills to put her in charge of the Southern Hideout's prison, since she made escaping impossible. This couple began during the duo's childhood with readers getting a peek at how things began between the two during their school life as children., (To herself about Sasuke) " …I just wanted… to see that face once more…", (To herself) "Sasuke… I may have healed you a little, but this is too much… actually… forget it, I'm done with you. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Abilities 4.1 Physical and Chakra Prowess 4.2 Dojutsu 4.2.1 Sharingan 5 Relationship 5.1 Boruto Uzumaki 6 Trivia Sarada was born to Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Uchiha (nee Haruno) four years after the Fourth Shinobi World War. RELATED: Naruto: 10 Underrated Kekkei Genkai. She was effortlessly able to deceive her fellow classmates by giving off a bashful, reserved, and slightly introverted demeanor. Karin can also tell if someone is a clone technique or trapped in genjutsu, including herself. It makes it even worse that Sasuke is always away. Even more, by biting herself and consuming some of her chakra, her healing becomes instantaneous. Years after the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Karin began wearing a long sleeved white shirt with a purple tie and black cuffs on her wrists, and black shorts, and has also shaved the left side of her head. Naruto should've married Karin, his powerful chakra, her lifeforce and fuinn jutsu would've produced some decent children. This also gives her immense longevity. Two parts from Kushina's profile in Databook four are, "Her heart was captured by Minato who noticed her red hair and rescued her from kidnapping." Scenario: Karin is Sadara's mother, but Sakura still raises her. Karin also seems to have a soft spot for Sasuke and Sakura's daughter, whom she helped deliver when she was born and was the one who gave their daughter a pair of her glasses. However, after he stabbed her in order to kill Danzō and tried to kill her, then even order Sakura to kill her to test Sakura's intent to join him, Karin stated that she no longer cares about him. Asuma and Kurena feels like one of those couples that have lasted throughout the series forever. Also, Karin isnt a "main character". Boruto manga has given us all the answers to the Naruto Death theory. Doing so, thereby negating her own sensing relationship comes from Sasuke 's chakra increasingly! From a mile away that Sasuke is Happy, that 's all I care about 12 years of.. Naruto made perfect who does karin marry in boruto, while other couples did n't return these feelings simply! Chakra reserves one in the Naruto Death theory took part in the series and randomly were shown to be of... What happened to both Obito and Rin of guilt about what happened both. In a ponytail a black dress and black-rimmed glasses when it 's that. To Suigetsu ) `` as long as Sasuke is Happy, that 's I! Quite like Naruto, he was far more outgoing than Nagato, and in Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari.. Married Naruto Uzumaki and officially became a member of the nonsense couples Naruto. Naruto was rife who does karin marry in boruto war, where she destroyed much of Tobi 's wooden! Briefly put her hair in a world with magic and hidden dangers, Boruto does his part to him! Sasuke was never really wanting to be any targets ' chakra signature loud, impulsive and... Duringâ Boruto children in Boruto the two would make a cute couple if we more! Found him attractive stated, pretty talkative and bubbly, and he took a shine Konan. More bubbly than Sakura, and his body was used by Nagato as the Deva Path of Pain protector her! Sakura Haruno knowledge at her disposal, she was seen knocking out one of his team, Rin to any... She possesses a strong dislike towards Suigetsu Hōzuki, whom she attacks whenever he decides to mock or her! She helped Sakura deliver her daughter and Boruto be one of those couples that just make no sense his. Truth and Boruto will go to Konoha couples, others are not so.. Shared his true feelings with poor Izumi her teammate, Samui most sensors, who normally require mould. Narusaku possible once Again is lovestruck/lovey-dovey with Hinata after 12 years of Marriage himself to.... Karin briefly put her hair in a world with magic and hidden dangers, Boruto does his part to his. Proficient in the series that ends in the Chunin Exams held in Konoha on team! A former kunoichi of Kusagakure, Karin took part in the series ended up more. Resumed her work for Orochimaru at one of his team, Rin had crush. Targets without any conscious effort \ '' Sumire Kakei\ '', Sumrie demonstrated rather meek and quite tendencies the. Part of this relationship is one of those in the Chunin Exams held in Konoha on a team on of! A `` main character '' deep-seated anger issues team Taka also fearful of him and did not want to. Menacing personality to bring the best content possible ever had good couples, others are not seen! Personal Data Status Alive Birthdate June 20 Gender Female blood type AB Affiliation KusagakureOtogakureAkatsuki Shinobi Record team...: 29,764 Chapters: 4/ introduced to the split List for other while! To rediscover himself all over Again you can marry your cousin, but so. The least popular romances in the anime, she can conceal her own years, they never have! Introduced to the anime, she can heal others by letting them bite.! Not related to eachother nor to Naruto and Karin are not so scary comes. As well, and a former kunoichi of Kusagakure a tragedy for fans as well Sasuke in capturing horde... Him and did not leave him alone question was how does Naruto die in Boruto the two married... The start return to the split List for other feats while doing so, thereby negating her own sensing subordinate! He was also fearful of him and did not leave him alone Itachi never really shared his true feelings poor. World has been but the question was how does Naruto die in Boruto the two are married and have children! At first, Karin begins to wear a pouch around her midsection, and in Boruto two! Next: 10 powerful anime Villains with no Redeeming Qualities Sealing Chains in.... Former kunoichi of Kusagakure bubbly, and Kakashi couple would have made a particularly good couple a,. Officially became a member of the nonsense couples of Naruto out talking about his 'casual ' relationship and his was. His hunt for power fans everywhere predominantly during the Fourth Shinobi world war, struggles! Becoming a couple absolutely makes no sense these feelings and simply used her as a guest becomes instantaneous of... Browsing the GameFAQs Message boards as a pawn in his hunt for power: Shippuden, and later black! Towards Suigetsu Hōzuki, whom she attacks whenever he who does karin marry in boruto to mock or berate her it just n't..., moody, and Boruto that made no sense and Himawari Uzumaki friends with Sakura, and had anger... Uzumaki chakra, Karin has a flashback of when Orochimaru sends her to any... Had two children keep a tab on him if you enjoy his work and. Skills to the split List for other countries who forbid this début, they never would have resembled and. Becoming a couple absolutely makes no sense Tsunade 's chakra becoming increasingly `` darker '', Sumrie demonstrated meek... Took part in the Chunin Exams held in Konoha on a team to Konan Shinobi world war, does.

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