This hunt can be booked as 7 or preferably, 10 days. Location: Northern AZ . wow, sorry to hear that you wont be able to hunt him, but what a generous gift the finder gave you! Thursday we checked in to the Jacob lake Inn, the only hotel for the area. Scouting began with talking with more deer experts. Home » Hunting Forums » Big Game Hunting Forum » Mule Deer. This hunt is scheduled during the peak of the rut. HUNTS Trophy Mule Deer Hunts - 2014 The Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks Department over see’s the annual Trophy Mule Deer hunt, which started in the early 1990’s, it is for anyone willing to pay the fee, our success rate has been 80% to 90%, with an average spread of 28 inches. Mule Deer-Arizona Strip and The Kaibab (Units 13A, 13B, 12AE, 12AW, 12B Rifle/Muzzleloader) One of the premier mule deer hunts in the world, period. These Arizona Strip and Kaibab archery mule deer hunts take place in late August through early September when most of the Kaibab and Arizona strip … Ryan was nice enough to circle some spots on my map and give me a few pointers for this unit. by John Lindsey. With me was my long time friend and hunting buddy Doyle. Most well known are the giants of the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau, however trophy desert mule deer live throughout much of the rest of the state as well. Kaibab Hunters? Option 1: is to apply for the limited entry archery mule deer hunts that are available on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau. I drew a great mule deer tag this year, and on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving I left for Arizona ’s famous Kaibab plateau. He is in my opinion the best mule deer hunter, period. Login or register to post comments. We always put in North Kaibab in Arizona 1st and 2nd choice, and I have been lucky to draw 7 of 9 years running up till then, and this year was perfect as my son and I both drew tags in the early season. Joined: 07/24/2005 . Anyone headed to 12A east or West for the archery deer hunt? Mule Deer. Overview: The world famous, or infamous, Kaibab Mule Deer herd. A map of the zones can be found at mountain lion management zones map. Offering a wide range in different habitat, the state has both rocky mountain and desert mule deer. Diamond Outfitters has … If you are considering hunting mountain lions on the Kaibab for the first time consider hiring a good houndsman/guide to increase your likelihood of success. Before each hunting trip, verify that the zone is still open, by calling 877-438-0447 or checking online: view harvest thresholds and zone closures. My first stop was at Muley Crazy to talk with Ryan Hatch. The Warm Springs and Nail Canyon areas in 12AW and the Cocks Combs area in 12AE are good starting points. Kaibab long story. Mule Deer. Posts: 80 . Despite a serious overpopulation of deer on the North Kaibab in the 1920s, deer numbers appeared to decline in the rest of the state. Kaibab Mule Deer. In 1929, the mule deer season was closed south of the Gila River, and even as recently as 1946, fewer than 5,000 mule deer (more than 80 percent of all deer … We spent the rest of the day scouting, and saw a dozen does. Ryan’s wife had my same tag last year and got a great buck, over 190 inches. Offline. Overview: The world famous, or infamous, Kaibab Mule Deer herd. This year the conditions were very hot and dry as we scouted deer through Bow season and right up to the hunt. Posted August 1, 2011 by manager. Arizona mule deer hunting is legendary in the West. 2 replies Tue, 2005-08-02 19:16 Dreamin of 30 in.

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